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Babae [bɐˈba.ʔɛ]

Underestimated. Dismissed. Objectified. Women have had to endure lifetimes of ridiculous preconceived notions of what they should be and how they should act. Women are very capable of being their own person; strong, intelligent, successful, and yet all the while caring and compassionate. There is no cookie cutter mould of who a woman should be, there should only be the understanding that each woman has a core strength and fragility that only makes them more resilient to the ignorances perpetuated today. These pieces are the body, mind, heart, and soul of women. Women are beautiful, strong, powerful, delicate, and even fragile beings. These pieces represent the strength and fragility of women. One with showing the core strength stemming from the heart, the other presenting the complications surrounding reproduction. 


These pieces are hand coated cyanotype photographs on cotton fabric with cotton thread sewing in a wooden embroidery hoop.


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