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Look Up


Currently shown from the Look Up series is the large piece titled "Keepsakes".

It is composed of four separate panels of 20 collaged individual chandeliers.


This piece is titled “Keepsakes”. It is composed of 80 individual photos of chandeliers that span from cities in Florida, California, Nevada, Louisiana Baltimore, and New York, to various cities in Spain.


It originated four years ago from a need to create something for myself while I was photographing client events like weddings, birthday parties, etc. As the years continue, it has become a bit of an obsession beyond finding a moment to myself during the day while photographing for others, to collecting keepsakes of the beautiful places I have visited. One of the wonderful things that has happened while working on this body of work has been the interest of those around me; from friends who bring me to a place they think might interest me, to strangers who wonder what I am doing throwing myself on the floor to lie down, only to then start looking at things in a different perspective after I explain. The world has beauty in all directions, you just have to be willing to see it.


This body of work will continue into the foreseeable future as it has become part of who I am, with even the moniker “the chandelier girl” given to me a few years ago in 2016 in New Orleans by a curious passerby in the Hotel Monteleone.


RemiJin Camping

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